mailman.client - Python bindings for the Mailman 3 REST API

This package is called mailman.client.


The mailman.client library provides official Python bindings for the GNU Mailman 3 REST API.

Note that the test suite current requires that a Mailman 3 server be running. It should be running using a dummy or throw-away database, as this will make changes to the running system. TBD: mock the real Mailman engine so that it is not necessary in order to run these tests.


mailman.client requires Python 2.6 or newer.

Project details

You may download the latest version of the package from the Python Cheese Shop or from Launchpad.

You can also install it via easy_install or pip.:

% sudo easy_install mailman.client
% sudo pip install mailman.client

See the Launchpad project page for access to the Bazaar branch, bug report, etc.


A simple guide to using the library is available within this package, in the form of doctests. The manual is also available online in the Cheeseshop at:


Many thanks to Florian Fuchs for his contribution of an initial REST client.